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Providing Emergency Lighting and Fire Extinguishers to Victoria, BC Residents

Properly functioning fire extinguishers in Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island are an essential part of any fire protection system. BC fire code requires that Vancouver Island fire extinguishers be inspected and tested annually, and 4 Seasons Fire Prevention Services is certified and able to ensure your compliance.

Our inspection of your Victoria, BC fire extinguishers includes the following:

  • Extinguisher must be correct for the type of fire
  • Must be readily available and not obstructed
  • Must have tags showing inspection dates and service intervals

Emergency Lighting System Inspections

In order to ensure all occupants of your building are able to safely escape in a fire, your emergency lighting system must be fully functioning. Not only is your lighting system important during a fire, but emergency lighting can also be useful during power outages (running off battery backups). BC fire code requires that your Vancouver Island emergency lighting system be tested annually.

4 Seasons Fire Prevention Services technicians are fully trained to test and inspect your emergency lighting system. In the event that irregularities are detected, our technicians will inform you of what is required in order to bring them back up to current codes.

Fire Safety Equipment

4 Seasons Fire Prevention Services offers a wide range of fire safety equipment to meet your needs, including:

  • AC / DC smoke alarms
  • Fire blankets
  • Emergency evacuation ladders
  • Fire extinguisher cabinets and vehicle brackets
  • Fire hose
  • Fire hose nozzles
  • Emergency lighting products
  • Fire alarms

Kitchen and Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers in Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island are an integral part of any commercial kitchen; however, many types of fire suppression methods can harm or even destroy the very items they are designed to protect. 4 Seasons Fire Prevention Services specializes in kitchen and clean agent fire suppression systems. We are licensed and trained to provide comprehensive fire protection options that deploy swiftly and do not leave behind an oily residue, particles or water that can damage your property and assets.

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