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Backflow Preventer Testing

Why is it required?

Backflow assemblies are mechanical devices that assist to prevent backflow in cross connections. These devices are subject to failure from wear and tear, corrosion, freezing, water conditions and misuse.

Annual testing ensures that assemblies are operating as designed to prevent backflow of contaminated water into the drinking water system.

The following local companies employ certified backflow prevention assembly testers. This information is provided only as a service to assist the public and does not represent any endorsement or implied approval by the CRD. Companies other than those listed may be used to perform testing if they employ certified testers.

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A cross connection is any actual or potential connection between a drinking water system and any source of contaminated water.

Backflow assemblies reduce the risk of contamination, but if a device fails your clean water can become contaminated, putting everyone’s health at risk if not immediately resolved.

We must all do our part to keep our drinking water safe from the hazards within residential buildings as well as industrial, commercial, institutional and agricultural facilities.

Taking steps to avoid cross connections will ensure that our water remains safe and clean.

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